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  • 5 Things a Trucker Can Do To Stay Healthy.

    Staying healthy is one of the biggest challenge of a trucker especially when most road stops are havens for fatty, greasy foods. Getting off the truck and suddenly having your senses assailed by the smells of hot french fries, burgers, and fried chicken, is more than a tired soul can bear. Fortunately, there are ways that one can avoid these greasy temptations. Here are 5 things or changes a trucker can do with his lifestyle to stay healthy.

    1. Prepare healthy, filling meals. The flurry of food blogs on the internet gave everyone access to tried and tested recipes that these food bloggers made. Heather aka Sodium Girl of shares tasty low-sodium recipes. Check out this salt-free Chicken Tortilla Soup.

    2. Invest in a mini fridge or a 12 volt oven for your truck so you can easily store and reheat your food. Although you can also use a personal cooler or ice chest to store food. For Long Hauls, these devices can save you from being tempted to eat fried greasy food during truck stops.

    3. Drink water instead of soft drinks. Most people cannot tell the difference between hunger and thirst, they suddenly get food cravings where in fact, they may actually be dehydrated. So before you have your meal, drink a glass of water first.

    4. Healthy Snacking. Snack on fruit and nuts. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and so it goes with eating a healthy mix of fruit and nuts. Apple, Bananas, Grapes and berries are packed with healthy vitamins and natural sugars to help you feel full and suppress those food cravings or you can make your own trail mix. Just put together in a large container equal amounts of peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans, raisins, and other dried fruits you like. You will love having this with you on your trip.

    5. Exercise. The most exercise truckers have is pushing the pedal and turning the steering wheel. Sitting for long hours can be exhausting but making an effort everyday to walk around the truck during truck stops, or doing sit ups inside the trailer can make a difference in slowly building up your strength. Do you carry with you a personal cooler? fill that with ice and use it as a makeshift dumbbell of sorts to build strength for your arms.
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