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  • What you need to know about IRP / IFTA

    IRP and IFTA Overview

    Mandated by ISTEA 1991 (Transportation Enhancement Activities)
    Who is required to register?
    o Vehicles 26, 001 lbs or greater (or using combination)
    o Interstate vehicles (Any vehicle traveling interstate)
    o Vehicles used in combination 26, 001 lbs or greater
    o 3 axles regardless of weight

    Uniform rules
    o Choose one base state - to issue your permit
    o Base state issues permits
    o Base state collects all fees
    • Distributes them to the other states on carriers behalf
    o Base state audits - comes into audit for either IFTA or IRP.
    They are legally mandated by their fellow jurisdiction members to represent all states interest in that audit.
    • Credentials: license and decals – 2 decals are put on each side of the vehicle.
    If you are not carrying both of these, you will be fined for a missing one because that’s not making you legal.
    • Action Required: Complete trip reports and collect fuel receipts - amount of fuel you consumed
    You have to come up with the average miles of gallons for your fleet.
    • Quarterly taxes - credits and debits - paid to base state
    • Records retained 4 years plus current

    IRP Specifics
    • Credentials: license plate and cab card
    • Action Required: complete trip reports
    • Mileage July 1st – June 30th
    • Plate fee is split between jurisdictions by the % of
    travel in each state
    • Must travel outside base jurisdiction
    • Plate Transfer Allowed
    • Records retained 3 years plus current (5.5 Years) – keep your IRP record for 5 and a half yrs

    Recordkeeping Requirements - (What needs to go on a trip report)
    o Date of trip (starting and ending)
    o Trip origin and destination
    o Route of travel
    o Latitude/Longitude – if you're using the EOBR info
    o Beginning and ending odometer
    o Total trip miles
    o Miles by jurisdiction
    o Unit number
    o Fleet number
    o Registrant’s name
    o Trailer # (IRP Only)
    o Drivers Name (IRP Only)
    Same for EOBR, Dispatch & Paper

    Fuel Record:
    o Date of purchase
    o Seller’s name and address
    o Number of gallons
    o Price per gallon
    o Total amount of sale
    o Purchaser’s name and address
    o Fuel type
    o Vehicle number
    Bulk Fuel
    o Withdrawal (by unit, by state, by date -- has to very detailed record-keeping)
    o Inventory
    o Purchases

    Audit Flags
    IFTA and IRP are mandated to audit 3% of all
    registrants annually

    • Other audit flags
    • Delinquent returns
    • Amended returns
    • Fluctuation in miles / fuel / miles per gallon
    • High refunds
    • High miles per gallon

    Reasons for Assessment
    Unreported miles
    • Incomplete data
    • Trip Report
    • Fuel
    • High miles per gallon (mpg)
    • Not enough miles reported to a state
    • Missing information
    • Inability to produce IFTA Decals from past

    IRP is coming out with their new regulation if you're not keeping your records properly, you could be fined 20% for the first offense to make a motif; and if you'll not straighten your ways, they will fine you 50% for the next time they come on audit and if still not, 100%. If you don’t have adequate records, auditors can start using their own discretion on deciding where you went and how many miles per gallon, etc. so it's necessary to pay attention to these requirements.
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    1. pigpaw's Avatar
      pigpaw -
      Interesting topic.. very helpful.
    1. Snowpony's Avatar
      Snowpony -
      Can anyone help me figure out how to complete my application for my IRP? I am a new applicant and have to put in different weights in different fields and I am totally stumped. HELP!?
    1. Admin's Avatar
      Admin -
      Your question would better fit the forum, Snowpony.
    1. Snowpony's Avatar
      Snowpony -
      Thanks you mean I should start a new 'thread'? in this section? Never joined a forum before so I am a lil 'green' hahahaha Thanks so much!
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