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  1. How to Travel with Ease and Comfort

    Hitting the road during weekends or long vacations can be both fun and tiring. When you are out in the open, one of the most important things to do is to make travel time comfortable in possible ways you can, so that you can get most out of every second you are away from a busy life.

    Here are packing suggestions good for a weekend travel:
    3 shirts or blouses
    3 pants or skirts
    4 pairs of underwear or panties
    2 pairs of socks
    Travel boots or regular ...

    Updated 01-24-2014 at 03:32 AM by Marie

  2. Hill Brothers L/P Program Day 4

    Good morning folks.

    It's been a couple days since I have last posted upon my adventures. This morning at 0200 I delivered my first load here in Phoenix. I will be picking up at 2 this afternoon heading for a 4 drop load in Colorado. So far I have been kept quite busy and have enjoyed learning about my new truck as every day passes. The APU works great and even better now that I have learned how it works. The I-shift transmission which I was so leary about has actually proven to ...

    Updated 01-21-2014 at 03:05 AM by Marie

  3. Pictures of my new truck


    I promised you all that I would post a picture of my new truck, and here she is
  4. Hill Brothers L/P program

    Good Evening everyone. My name is Michael Norwood. I am taking the plunge into owning a truck through Hill Brother's Purchase program. I will be posting my progress so that anyone with any questions on this program can see how it works and how successful one can be. I will include this disclaimer now: ** I am a driver like anyone else and may or may not be doing things the way you would. I am sensible when it comes to fuel and minimizing my expenses as much as possible. ** The truck that I ...
  5. How to Stay Safe While Driving During Winter

    It's pretty much the same situation every winter but operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) during the icy months can be challenging for the professional trucker.

    One is dealing with rapidly changing weather and road conditions. Icy roads and blinding blizzards are just some of hazardous conditions truck drivers should be prepared of.

    Let us take a look at some of the tips that drivers should use and issues they need to be aware of when it comes to staying safe ...
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