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  1. Desert Driving Tips For Truckers

    Being a truck driver is no picnic. Being a truck driver in the USA, where a coast-to-coast trip can take anywhere from 7 to 10 days, is a good way to become a non-fiction writer. While most of the stories that truckers tell each other could be considered as comical, there are some experiences that you won’t be laughing at.

    Take for example a desert breakdown with no mobile service, no spare truck and trailer parts, having only two candy bars, ...

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  2. Kenworth T370 - With the Power and Endurance

    Kenworth T370 is the best in class example of auto engineering to carry a day to day loading and shifting activities. It is an ex****ent medium duty truck designed for handling average sized loading and moving missions. It is available with various styles that are equipped with the Paccar engines. The T370 being a Class 7 vehicle comes in different varieties and its price differs as per the features of the vehicle. Both the variables of a truck and a tractor are available in the T370. It meets different ...

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  3. Allison Transmission Resource Guide

    Posted by Tyler | Oct 6, 2016 | Allison

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    Allison was founded in 1909, and is today known as Allison Transmission. Allison was owned by General Motors up until 2007, when it was sold

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  4. Daimler Supertruck gets incredible gas mileage

    If you were to list all of the important criteria that a semi-truck should have, chances are fuel economy probably wouldn’t be at the top of your list. After all, semi-trucks have to travel thousands of miles back and forth across the country all while pulling tons of weight. Reliability is a must, drivers can’t have their trucks constantly breaking down. Power is also essential as they have to haul so much weight, sometimes uphill while keeping up with surrounding traffic. Because of their job ...

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  5. What Is Success and What Are The Primary Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

    My guess is that I will get as many definitions of success as it applies to life as…

    the number of individuals choosing to provide a response and more will include the first definition of “success” provided by Webster’s Dictionary below.

    Merriam Webster defines “ success” as: (1) the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame; (2) the correct or desired result of an attempt; (3) someone or something that is successful and (4) ...

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