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  1. Feedback - cooler

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    Just to clarify a little. The 12 volt heater boxes do NOT cool. They are not designed to cool. They are only designed to heat and are used to keep cooked food warm while you bring it from one place to another.
    Personally I do NOT recommend that you use a cooler/warmer for heating, especially on the road. First it takes forever to heat it up and second it tends to be a breeding ground for bacteria and being on the road, it is not quit as easy to make sure it gets cleaned properly
  2. Tobacco and Cigarette Maker: SMOKE Fresh and Pay Less!

    If you have a pack of cigarettes right now, I want you to take a look at it. Then ask yourself, "Am I spending too much for my cigarettes?" If so, take a minute and multiply, the cost for that pack times the number of packs you smoke in a month.

    For example, if you smoke 1 pack a day and you purchase your cigarettes for $6 per pack, (the average cost in the US), you spend approximately 30 x $6 = $180 each month, or about $2,160 each year. If you are buying in New York, the cost is

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  3. TOP 10 GIfts for Truckers this Christmas!

    One week to go and it's Christmas once again! I bet you are already shopping gifts for your loved ones. Well, for truckers you may consider stuff that can be useful while traveling and can be stored inside their trucks.


    Here are some gift ideas for you to ponder on. If you have other great ideas, just feel free to leave in the comments box.

    1. 12 Volt Heated Travel Mug- truckers must stay awake and alert during long hours on
  4. Rand McNally Trucker GPS TND 720 New Features

    Note: The Latest Rand McNally Truck GPS is the TND740. 11/5/2017. Admin

    The new Rand McNally IntelliRoute® TND 720 truck gps is built to help professional drivers in each phase of their work day: Planning, Driving and Reporting. The newest top feature is WiFi connectivity for real-time weather updates. The 720 also allows you to track your fuel cost and usage, so you can always monitor your fuel and energy expenses. What is more helpful is the Bread ...

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