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  1. Rand McNally Trucker GPS TND 720 New Features

    Note: The Latest Rand McNally Truck GPS is the TND740. 11/5/2017. Admin

    The new Rand McNally IntelliRoute® TND 720 truck gps is built to help professional drivers in each phase of their work day: Planning, Driving and Reporting. The newest top feature is WiFi connectivity for real-time weather updates. The 720 also allows you to track your fuel cost and usage, so you can always monitor your fuel and energy expenses. What is more helpful is the Bread ...

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  2. Compliance Tips: What do Owner-Operators Need?

    Quote Originally Posted by TruckMan View Post
    The lack of information is often the reason why some owner-operators have difficulty with compliance, especially those who are new to the business. Below are some informative solutions that can help you comply with DOT's regulatory requirements.

    1. Driver's Daily Log Books - This helps drivers comply with DOT Hours of Service Rules. Logbooks vary according to use i.e. Logbooks with Simplied DVIR or with Detailed DVIR, Logbooks with NO DVIR, 2 in 1 Logbooks, 3 in 1 Logbooks, 5 in 1
  3. Juicing For Life

    Quote Originally Posted by jerryboy View Post
    Juicing raw veggies and fruit is something I believe in 100%. What juicer do I recommend? The Breville Elite best juicer in my opinion. Why juice you ask? One reason is that the enzymes, vitamins and minerals are immediately available to your body. Whole fruits and vegetables have to go through the digestive process before the nutrients are available to your body. Your digestive process may take hours to complete.

    I do love to juice and I have been doing it for years. I love what it
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  4. Tobacco and Cigarette Maker: SMOKE Fresh and Pay Less!

    If you have a pack of cigarettes right now, I want you to take a look at it. Then ask yourself, "Am I spending too much for my cigarettes?" If so, take a minute and multiply, the cost for that pack times the number of packs you smoke in a month.

    For example, if you smoke 1 pack a day and you purchase your cigarettes for $6 per pack, (the average cost in the US), you spend approximately 30 x $6 = $180 each month, or about $2,160 each year. If you are buying in New York, the cost is

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  5. Freight Brokers: How to get a Surety Bond

    As FMCSA confirms October 1st as the deadline for freight brokers to obtain a $75K bond, it is important to stay compliant so as not to receive notice if the bond is not secured. FMCSA stated that this "increase in financial security for freight broker bonds must be placed by October 1st."

    Otherwise, any broker or forwarder found to be non-compliant will not be able to retain their licenses. Proof of bonding is a pre-requisite to licensing, so make sure your $75,000 freight broker ...

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