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    looook at thaat. That is beautiful.
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    Nice post, Michael! I'm glad everything is working out smooth for you. Good luck on your next ride!
    Day 1 of my adventure. I'm currently loaded for Phoenix AZ. I'll deliver Monday, giving me 1301 loaded miles. Pay cut-off is Wednesday at midnight, and payday is Tuesday. The truck drives like a dream and is as quiet as any vehicle I have ever driven. The "I-shift" transmission that this truck is equipped with, really takes some getting used to, however, I certainly don't mind the lack of having to shift with every small town I come upon. The APU that is on this truck seems to being doing it's job very well. Certainly no complaints here. It's 15 minutes till midnight, and I'm stopped for the night in Westfall KS. I am a driver that has no issues running my butt off, but, today was a long day, and 418 miles today seemed like enough. Tomorrow, will be better. I will say this for Hill Brothers, there orientation was beyond thorough and they cram a great deal of information into a very short span of time. As with any new endeavor, there will be a learning curve, but I anticipate having there system down fairly soon. There is of course a bit of a glitch which has me a bit frustrated already on day 1. Being as I have a brand new 2014 truck, the E-log system is having a bit of a hic-up and thus making me fill out paper logs until I can make it back to Omaha to have it checked out. Granted, I have no problems with paper logs, but, this old driver has been spoiled by the new age technology. Aside from that, I'm a happy camper and looking forward to getting home to Albuquerque tomorrow and getting this new truck truly set up the way I want. Till tomorrow, have a safe night, I'm out
    It's Thursday night. Today was full of information, and the best part of all, the chance to really take a close look at my truck and learn all about its vast number of features. I had a few minutes this evening to put my things in the truck and just enjoy a couple quiet moments taking it all in. Tomorrow, I sign the purchase agreement and will have my first load. It's tomorrow that the games really begin. I've kept track of every penny that has gone out since arriving in Omaha NE, and will continue to do so throughout my years owning this truck. Tomorrow I will also keep track of every mile put on the truck along with every drop of fuel and every detail surrounding this truck and it's operation. I believe that knowledge in business is power, and I will have a catalogued account of everything that concerns this truck from LD ID numbers to every expenditure. Hopefully this will lend to great success in my business venture. Untill tomorrow, Everyone take care. Again, any questions or comments are always encouraged
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    Wow. This is really cool.
    Thank you Marie . I am still in disbelief at how nice this truck is. I'm looking forward to many years with this truck, and ofcourse a little profit too =P
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    Wow. This is really cool.

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