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  1. News Update: Diesel down 3 cents below $4 a gallon
  2. Winter Driving Hazards: What to Do
  3. Truckers Upset at Feds
  4. Massive Pileup Shuts I-10 in Texas; 2 dead & at least 100 cars & trucks were involved
  5. NYC Truck Route Map Focus Group Meetings
  6. IFTA Issues 2013 credential grace period
  7. OSHA's New Insights on Site-Specific Targeting inspection plan
  8. ATA asks FMCSA to delay new HOS
  9. Oil jumps $97 a barrel on the NY Mercantile Exchange
  10. CVSA provides enforcement guidance for UCR
  11. California's first-ever penalty for noncompliance with reefer rule
  12. ‘Top 10’ Causes of most disabling workplace injuries
  13. OSHA: Diesel exhaust creates health hazards
  14. 'Unfair Playing Field': Ontario Truckers on Unplated Vehicles
  15. FMCSA Denies Request to Delay HOS Changes
  16. FMCSA to hold public listening session on CMV's issue
  17. Two-day blitz places 109 drivers out of service
  18. Eaton and Cummins collaborate on new powertrain
  19. Freightliner and Kenworth trucks First on OnGuard system
  20. Fuel Economy: Focus for New Truck Models at MATS 2013
  21. Truckers Urged to Use Truck-Specific GPS
  22. National Diesel and Gasoline Prices Sits at $3.993/gallon
  23. Another Atlanta-based Trucking Shut Down
  25. Truck driver faces three charges in I-81 accident
  26. Pilot Flying J Faces Two More Suits
  27. 50th Nat'l Transportation Week - Thank You Truckers
  28. Buckle Up for ‘Click It or Ticket’
  29. Clean Energy Vehicle for Westport Business
  30. Livestock haulers get temporary 30-min break waiver
  31. Kansas to possibly add toll for city highways
  32. Safety on tires during Summer
  33. AIPBA for MAP-21 and Property Broker Exemption
  34. GATS 2013 Exhibitors
  35. EEOC to pay $4.7 million to Iowa Trucking
  36. 5 Business Days Left to File Form 2290
  37. 6.8 cents increase for national diesel
  38. DHS stresses the importance of cybersecurity
  39. Diesel price falls down to 16 cents
  40. Sleep apnea bill moves on to the President
  41. Trucking Jobs
  42. Pilot Flying J paid back 95% of customers
  43. Anyone have any thoughts about switching trucks from diesel to natural gas?
  44. Need your help!
  45. Truck drivers shot && stabbed :(
  46. skilled performance evaluation wavier
  47. Where to Get Your SCAC
  48. Nebraska senator says she plans reforms of FMCSA
  49. Are you protecting your cargo?
  50. Companies Feel Truck Driver Shortage Worse Than Ever
  51. Platoon Platform Promises to Improve OTR Trucking
  52. Help Find Hit and Run driver that Killed my daughter $1,000 Reward
  53. What is the best time to hold Church on Sunday and wednesdays for the Trucking Commun
  54. Looking for truckers willing to share their work experience.
  55. Need a trucker
  56. Burt Reynolds passed away