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FireStik Antenna Mounts

Made with Pride in the USA

Made in USA

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$ 8.49

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  • Popular FireStik Antenna Mounts
    • 3-Way Mirror Mount w/K-4A Stud
    • Screw-On Flat Universal Mount
    • Screw-On Side Mount
    • CB Antenna Stud Mount

$12.45 Chrome Plated 3-Way Mirror Mounting Bracket with K-4A Stud K-64A
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$10.99 Screw-On Heavy Duty Side Mount K-24A
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$8.49 Stud with Screw-On Coaxial Termination for Mirror Mounts K-4A
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FireStik - Antenna Mounts

FireStik Antenna Mounts

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FireStik Chrome Plated 3-Way Antenna Mirror Mounting Bracket with K-4A Stud K-64A

  • For FireStik Antennas up to 5′
  • Chrome Plated Steel Bracket and Clamp
  • Mount antennas horizontal or vertical
  • Can be mounted without clamp on any flat vertical surface
  • Complete with stainless steel mounting hardware

The bracket is made from cold rolled steel and are finished with chrome plating. The K-64A model has the famous K-4A stud mount with screw on coaxial termination. Use one of the 3-Way Mounting Brackets for single or dual antenna installation on your car, truck, van, motorcycle or motorhome.

FireStik Screw-On Heavy Duty CB Antenna Side Mount K-24A

  • For Antennas up to 5′
  • Screw-On Mounting Clamp
  • Adjusts for horizontal or vertical rails or mirror mounts

Plated heavy-duty side mount. If your installation will not require the clamping bracket supplied in the 3-way mounts, you can save a couple of dollars with this mount. Used for mounting antennas to a flat vertical surface, such as the side of a van or motorhome. This is made from cold rolled steel and are finished with chrome plating. The K-24A is complete with K-4A antenna stud with screw on coax cable connector.

"World′s Best" Antenna Stud Mount K-4A

  • Chrome plated machine brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • For FireStik Antennas
  • May be used with any 3/8"-24 threaded accessories

The K-4A Heavy-Duty Antenna Stud Mount use nylon instead of inferior plastic insulators and allows for efficient transfer of your transmitted and received signals to and from the transceiver. The 3/8" center shanks can mean the difference between trouble free use and lost antennas. The K-4A stud mount should be used whenever a PL-259 terminated coax cable is to be used.