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free shippingRand McNally HD100 Electronic Logging (E-Log) Device

Turn Your TND720/TND730 into a Fully Compliant EOBR

Price: $ 295.00

Top Features:

  • No More Manual Logging
  • Track Duty Status Time
  • Complete DVIRs and Trip Sheets
  • Compliant w/FMCSA Hours of Service Rules
  • Online Access History Logs via Rand McNally Web Portal
  • NOTE: Service Plan & TND720 or TND730 Required.

The mfg. has made every effort to make these devices as simple as possible to use, but they can still be a bit complex for many. RoadTrucker will provide support for our customers, to help you get comfortable installing and using your new E-Log device/s. Give us a call before you make your purchase.

Rand McNally - HD100 E-Log Electronic Logging Device

Rand McNally - HD 100 E-Log Device

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  •  Manufacturer:
  •  Rand McNally
  •  Model No.:
  •  HD100
  •  Dimension:
  •  4 1/2" x 3 7/8"
  •  Height:
  •  3/4"
  •  Warranty:
  •  1 Year
  •  Returns:
  •  30 days w/ 15% Restocking Fee

  • Shipping
    GuideShipping Guide
  • Installation
    ManualRand McNally Instaltion Manual
  • User
    ManualHD100 User Manual

  • Trouble Shoot
    ManualHD100 Trouble Shooting Manual


  • HD100 eLog Device
  • HD100 device tray
  • Deutsch  9-pin power cable (Fits Most Trucks)
  • USB to Mini USB Cable
  • 2 Adhesive mounting strips
  • 4 Screw and nuts
  • 4 cable ties
  • E-log sticker for vehicle
  • Getting Started Card
  • Hours of Service Driver and DOT Quick Reference card
  • Get Started card
  • HD100 User Manual

HD100 E-Log Device Overview(1.38 min)

HD100 Installation(3.35 min)

Rand McNally HD100 is compliant with current FMCSA HOS rules and vehicle inspection reporting regulations. But it cannot work without a TND720/TND730. Don't have one? Check our TND740. Together they can reduce your paper works and complete your logs faster.

As regulations change, it provide software updates via the Dock™. Connect the HD100 to the Dock to obtain the updates.

What You Need to Know About Wiring Your TND765 or HD100 to Your Truck

How TND720/TND730 and HD100 works?

TND720/TND730 and HD100 works together with your vehicle's Electronic Control Module (ECM) to provide a fully compliant Hours of Service device, that satisfies the requirements of FMCSA's Regulations, Part 395.2, Part 395.3 and Part 395.15. See RoadTrucker's article "What you need to know about Electronic Logs (EOBR)".

In addition, the HD100 provides fully compliant Vehicle Inspection reports, that satisfy the requirements of FMCSA's Regulations, Part 49 CFR, 396.11 and 396.13.

The HD100 connects to the ECM unit in your truck by way of the Truck's diagnostic port, which is usually under the dash on the left side of the steering wheel. Most of the newer trucks have a 9-pin round Deutsch connector, which is included with your HD100. Many trucks use a 6-pin Deutsch connector, which you will have to purchase, if needed. There are also Trucks using the ODB and ODB II connectors, as well as older trucks (pre 1995) that have proprietary connectors and some, that do not have a port and will need to be hardwired. Don't be surprised if this EOBR mandate is problematic. Following is a quote from Wikipedia.

J1587 is an automotive diagnostic protocol standard developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) for heavy-duty and most medium-duty vehicles built after 1985. The J1587 protocol uses different diagnostic connectors. Up to 1995, individual OEMs used their own connectors. From 1996 to 2001, the 6-pin Deutsch-connector was standard. Beginning in 2001, most OEMs converted to the 9-pin Deutsch. Some OEMs still use the 6-pin Deutsch. It has mostly been used for US made vehicles, and also by Volvo. Other European brands have usually used KWP. Source: en/

Just a note for clarity. You may hear of protocols like J1587, J1708, J1922 and J1939. These are standards for communication, developed by SAE, the Society of Automotive Engineers. You do not need to know or understand these. In most cases, you just need to determine the type of plug you have on your Truck Diagnostic Port and match it to your EOBR accordingly.

The HD100 also communicates with the Rand McNally web portal via a cellular connection. The HD100 sends HOS logs and Vehicle Inspection reports, as well as other data, to be stored on the Rand McNally Server. In the event that you lose cellular reception, the HD100 stores the data until cell reception is resumed, then send the data to the server.

Last, the HD100 communicates with the TND720/TND730 GPS via a Wi-Fi connection. Basically the 720/730 is the screen for the HD100 EOBR.

Lets recap for clarity. The HD100 communicates with the following:

  1. Truck ECM unit via the onboard Diagnostic port, using a plug in connector.

  2. The Rand McNally Web Portal using a cellular service.

  3. The TND720/TND730 GPS, using wireless Wi-Fi.

Installation takes about 10 minutes. First, download the Rand McNally Dock software and run. Then plug your HD100 into your computer USB port and Activate by following the clear onscreen instructions. Next, plug in your HD100 into the Trucks Diagnostic port. Turn the ignition on and check the Lights on the HD100. Next, plug in your TND720/TND730 and click the HD100 icon, then Pair the HD100 to your TND720/TND730. Lastly, run through the diagnostics to make sure all is well. You're Done and ready to go.

NOTE : The HD100 will not work with the TND520, not the TND530.

Other Features:

  • Simplified HOS of Service Compliance
  • HOS alerts and warnings for drivers
  • Receive notifications of potential HOS violations with on-screen and audio alerts
  • Send logs directly by fax number or email address during an inspection
  • Access the Rand McNally Connect web portal to view log history
  • Calculation of complexities like the new 34-hour reset, required rest breaks, and the 60/70 hour rule
  • Paperless, in-cab Vehicle Inspection Reporting to help ensure more proactive vehicle maintenance
  • Compliant w/FMCSA Hours of Service Rules
  • Compliant w/FMCSA Vehicle Inspection Reporting
  • Online Access to History logs via web Portal

Other Photos

HD100 and TND720/TND730 work together. Looking for TND740? Check our TND740 now.

HD 100 and TND 720 Communication

Service Plan Table (Note: The $39 plan is no longer available)

Monthly Fee for 3-Years Service Plan$ 19.95 EOBR Plan$ 29.95 Basic Plan
Electronics Hours of Service
Keeps HOS records and logs time electronically. View HOS information on the device, and through the Rand McNally Connect web portal.
Compliant with 49 CFR, 395.15.

Vehicle Inspection Reporting
Reporting on the device. Pull reports, record repairs, and view information through the Rand McNally Connect web portal. Compliant with 49 CFR, 396.11 and 396.13. .

Track vehicle location and info in near real-time including GPS position, speed, direction of travel, and driving hours available – all via the Rand McNally Connect web portal.

Two-way email messaging supporting up to 2,400 characters. Messages convert from text to speech while driving.

Note: Plans and features may change or be enhanced. Refer to for the most up-to-date information.

The data plan accommodates 1 MB per device per month; for fleets with more than one device, the data plan is equal to 1 MB x # of devices. In other words, the data plan also may be averaged across all devices. Overages are $3/MB.