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free shippingRand McNally ELD DC200 & DC200S

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Top Features:

  • DC200S Only Works with the TND740
  • Cost-Effective & Easy to Install
  • Built-in Cellular Modem
  • View Logs & More w/ the Rand McNally DriverConnect App

NOTE: The Portal for the ELD-50, DC200 and DC200S is different, than the portal for the TND760, TND765 and HD100.

Rand McNally - Rand McNally ELD DC200 & DC200S

Rand McNally ELD DC200 & DC200S

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Rand McNally DC200

Rand McNally DC200

Rand McNally DC200 E Log Device (1 min)

Rand McNally DC200S E Log Device (1.25 min)

ELD DC200 & TND 740 Setup (6.23 min)

The DC200 is meant similar to the ELD-50 in that you can use it with the downloadable app on your phone, or the TND740, but it would be 2 pieces of equipment. It plugs into a vehicle′s JBUS diagnostic port using a single Y cable - no complicated installation necessary. It works with both 6 and 9 pin ports, as well as type 1 and type 2.

The DC200S is only used to attach to the TND740. You remove the Smart Mount and replace it with the DC200S. It makes a complete ELD unit in 1 piece of equipment. It plugs into your vehicle′s JBUS diagnostic port using the included 9-pin cable.

How does the DC200 & DC200S work?

  • DC200 - electronic logging information is transmitted to the Rand McNally DriverConnect app via an internal cellular modem. Here you can view, certify, and email logs, complete DVIRs, and more.

  • DC200S - automatically uploads logs into the user-friendly Rand McNally DriverConnect app, which is preloaded onto your TND740. Here you can view and certify logs, complete DVIRs, and more.

Difference between the DC200S and the DC200:

  • The DC200 and DC200S have the same functionality, with the exception that, when attached to the back, DC200S has an added benefit of creating a single device and single cable solution for TND740 owners.

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Other Features:

  • Allows drivers to view logs and more with the free DriverConnect app, available for the TND740, TNDTablet80, and most Android device
  • Certified for compliance and listed on the FMCSA’s Registered Device List.
  • Designed to meet compliance requirements of small- and medium-sized fleets
  • Automatically uploads logs into the Rand McNally DriverConnect app
  • Drivers are able to view and certify logs, complete DVIRs, view HOS history, manage IFTA reporting, and message other drivers

DriverConnect App Web Portal

Rand McNally DriverConnect Web Portal

  • Compliance Plan:
    • Viewing of truck locations and vehicle statuses
    • Print, and save up to 6 months’ worth of E-Log history
    • Review daily vehicle inspection reports and more
    • Messaging between drivers and fleets
  • Core Plan:
    • IFTA Tax Reporting data via State crossings,
      State mileage, and Fuel purchase reports
    • Forms integration into messaging

DriverConnect App

Rand McNally DriverConnect App

The DriverConnect App provides an intuitive user interface which hosts features such as:

  • Hours of Service (HOS)
  • Logbook and Timers screens
  • Complete pre-trip and post-trip DVIRs
  • Intuitive Fuel Purchase interface
  • Receipt captures and view
  • 1-1 & Group chat Instant Messaging
  • Shows online/offline, and notifications
  • Forms-based messaging integrated
  • Multi-device support
  • IFTA fuel-tax reporting
  • Access to the gauges dashboard
    while connected to an ELD

DriverConnect App Gauges

Rand McNally DriverConnect Gauges

The DriverConnect app provides bonus access to a gauges dashboard with information on 10 different diagnostics from your truck’s engine, including:

  • Average Fuel Economy
  • Boost Pressure
  • Gallons Per Hour
  • Battery Voltage
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Oil Pressure