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Oil Analysis Test Kit RTMOB1

Made with Pride in the USA

Made in USA

Price: $ 24.99

Top Features:

  • Identifies The Four Biggest Engine Killers
    • Fuel Dilution
    • Soot
    • Coolant
    • Dirt

Gearhead Oil Analysis - Oil Analysis Test Kit - RTMOB1

Oil Analysis Test Kit RTMOB1

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Oil Analysis Test Kit

Oil Analysis identifies the four biggest engine killers of your engine. Fuel Dilution, Soot, Coolant, and Dirt. Routine testing can tell you where they come from and what they can do to your equipment. Tests include: Wear Metals, Viscosity @ 100°, Fuel Dilution %, Soot %, Water by Crackle %, Total Base Number and Oxidation / Nitration.

Fuel Dilution: The amount unburned fuel that ends up in the crankcase, lowering viscosity, which immediately starts creating friction-related wear. The level of Dilution can be serious and can actually cause a crankcase explosion if allowed exceed 8%.

Soot: Caused by over-fueling, air restrictions, blow-by, excessive exhaust backpressure and excessive engine brake use, is a sign of reduced combustion efficiency. Higher levels for any reason are not acceptable.

Coolant: Generally gets into your engine via a broken head gasket seal, cracked cylinder head or block, leaking water pump or lube cooler causing bearing and bushing wear, as well as damage to cams, valves and pistons.

Dirt: Detected by the presence of silicon and aluminum, cause rapid wear in pistons, bearings, liners and other engine parts made of iron, lead, copper and tin.

Tests Include:

  • Wear Metals
  • Viscosity @ 100°
  • Fuel Dilution %
  • Water by Crackle %
  • Total Base Number
  • Oxidation / Nitration